Naadia's Pure Relief

Naadia's Pure Relief is an all natural genital orientated product for the relief of vaginal and anal itch, and other genital discomforts. Very gentle oil that protects and heals the most sensitive areas... Learn More


Tranquil Mind - Relaxing, Calming, and Sleep Aid

Slip in a blissful state with our sedative inducing deep sleep, calmative tincture. Our Tranquil Mind tranquilizes and aids in reducing nervousness, restlessness, and stress while strengthening the immune system.  USE CAUTION... Learn More


Pain Relief

Pain Relief is a beautiful blend of essential oils that not only soothes the senses but aids in the relief of muscle pain, deep muscle Trauma and strains.  Direction: Apply to... Learn More


Simply Supple Hair Polish

Our Simply Supple hair polish smooths the hair cuticle providing shine and provides nourishment to the scalp.  Lightweight moisture Decreases frizz Enhances shine Directions: Use as a styling aid to protect hair during silk... Learn More